Friday, 14 July 2017


I'm feeling a bit tired this week so I have just picked 
some random photos to post and will share them with 

My GKB playing at Shantytown on the West Coast. 
I will one day do a post on Shantytown as  promised
 but just now my head is not in the right space.

Some cute coffee mugs I was given during the past year that have been sitting in their gift wrapping. I finally decided they could go on a shelf in the kitchen along with one or two others I have.

New Zealand won the America'sCup yacht race this year and yesterday there was a parade in the city to show it off to the proud locals. It has been paraded through several of the bigger cities during the past week and ours was the final one. DIL was  in town and took this picture, the young captain is just obscured by the trophy. Unfortunately my GKB has been a bit under the weather so we didn't venture in this time.

Talking about the weather, we have just had an arctic blast travel the length of the country and  so we had a bit of a snowfall. Not much here but it has been heavy throughout the rest of the country and because most of our city is built on hills it was covered. Once again we haven't been out taking photos, decided it was best to stay home and keep warm. My GKB just took this nonsense one of our picnic table in the yard.

Because it has been so cold I have been doing jigsaws, a good winter pursuit. I just finished this one and today put it away and started on another one. When I finished I had two pieces left over, it wasn't until after I took this photo that  saw the hole in the middle. 
I fixed that but still had another piece left over from a totally different puzzle. Weird.

My GKB seems to be besotted with starlings, he finds the markings on them quite fascinating. This one was spotted (in more ways than one) on a neighbour's chimney pot, feathers ruffled to ward off the cold. Isn't he a beauty?

And seeing as starlings are critters I think I would also like to join Eileen for Saturday's Critters.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Feeling blessed

The phone rang about mid morning. I had won a hamper at the local pharmacy in a raffle for the Cancer Society. I'd totally forgotten I'd bought a ticket so it was a lovely surprise. I really was only thinking of it as a donation. I will have to share it, there is so much there but I'm sure between all the girls in the family we will soon sort it out :)

Later in the day my daughter called in. She had been given sausages, cream cheese, fresh milk and a tray of  quail eggs - all off a farm. There's too much here for me Mum, do you want some?  So of course I said yes. Later my son arrived home and he had been given samples of honey and barbecue sauce to bring home. Yum :)
We had the sausages for tea and DIL has been making cheese cake to beat the band. It is all so delicious.

To finish the day off there was a beautiful double rainbow 
over the town. I'm afraid I didn't get a very good picture 
of it as it was a very cold day and starting to rain again.
It's hard to see the second bow but I promise if you look hard enough you will see it.

A little bit of an update on what is happening with my wee Mum.
She is still awaiting surgery but her local referring surgeon is so disgusted with the treatment she has had (or lack of it) up 'til now  that he has referred her to another hospital which has also started doing the procedure she needs. We have already heard from them and are now awaiting a date once more but it should come in the next few weeks. Mum has been getting so frustrated at times with not knowing what is going on but now is feeling a lot more positive and her general health seems to be better. Thank you to all who have prayed for her and asked about her. We appreciate you all :)